Dermal Fillers

Although the signs of aging are inescapable, residents of Dallas today can turn back the effects of time on their lunch hour. In the past, the only option for smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines was to resort to an invasive facelift.  But with the breakthrough technology offered by dermal fillers, a simple injection in the right areas, such as crow’s feet, around the mouth (marionette lines and nasolabial folds), between the brows and into thinning lips, can take years off the face. Dermal fillers are safe and non-allergenic, giving clients instant results with no recovery time.

Dermal Fillers Before

Dermal Fillers After

At NLI Med Spa Dallas, clients can choose from the leading dermal fillers on the market today, such as Juvederm®, Restylane®, Perlane® and RADIESSE®. Patients interested in receiving dermal fillers in Dallas should make sure they are performed by a licensed physician or nurse in order to help ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure. At the Dallas Med Spa, all injection procedures are performed by licensed physicians and nurses who take the time to examine each client’s facial features and voluntary muscle movements to determine the best placement of dermal filler.

Types of Dermal Fillers

Juvederm® came on the market in 2006 with FDA approval to last up to one year per treatment. It is made up of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body. Its formulation boasts a smoother textured compound than that of Restylane® or Perlane® giving natural results with very little discomfort. For more information, a Juvederm® Dallas consultant is available to answer questions about your individual needs at 214.252.7847.

Restylane® was FDA approved and available on the market in 2003. Just like with Juvederm®, Restylane® is also made of hyaluronic acid gel formula that can be injected into the same areas as Juvederm®. However, Restylane® is formulated into gel microspheres particles.

Perlane® is produced by the same company as Restylane® and is also made of a clear hyaluronic acid gel.  However, the formula consists of larger gel particles making it perfect for deeper lines, wrinkles and even facial contouring.

RADIESSE® is a type of dermal filler containing calcium-based microspheres and gel, which helps to restore the skin’s volume and to help stimulate your body’s own natural collagen production. It is also clinically proven to last a year or more depending on the patient.

Cost of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers in Dallas can retail for about $500 or more per syringe. With continued treatments necessary, keeping up this treatment can get quite costly. However, National Laser Institute’s Dallas Med Spa offers Juvederm®, Restylane® and Perlane® starting at just $299 per syringe. That’s about half of the average retail cost for dermal fillers. RADIESSE® runs about $1000 per syringe, but at NLI, the cost is only $700 per syringe.

The NLI Med Spa is the leading medical aesthetics school in the country offering complete med spa services, such as BOTOX®, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, laser wrinkle reduction, laser cellulite reduction, spider vein reduction and more.

For more information on dermal fillers in Dallas, call a treatment specialist today at 214.252.7847 or feel free to use our contact form.