Hair Removal

Laser hair removal in Dallas is the most effective way to permanently remove unwanted hair from the legs, face, arms, chest, back, lip and neck. With the cost of shaving and waxing today, eliminating the hair growth permanently pays for itself in no time. It’s also an excellent solution for hair removal for those suffering from folliculitis, ingrown hair or chronic razor burn.

During laser hair removal, aesthetically designed lasers are used to target and destroy the dark area (melanin) of the hair follicle, while the cool laser surface promotes soothing comfort. The heat from the laser damages the hair follicle, without heating the surrounding area, inhibiting further growth.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Clients can share a long list of benefits associated with laser hair removal. This treatment eliminates the cost and irritation that goes along with shaving as well as the skyrocketing prices and discomfort that comes with waxing. After just a few treatments, Dallas Med Spa clients benefit from smooth, maintenance-free skin.

*Avoid sun exposure, self tanner, sun beds and spray tans 4 weeks prior to treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Cost

Dallas Medical Spa offers you the most advanced laser hair removal treatments for a fraction of the average retail cost. Popular with both men and women, the Dallas Med Spa can offer Laser Hair Removal starting at $50 per treatment area, typically a savings of over 70% when compared to most spas. The average retail cost can range anywhere from $100 to $300 per session depending on the area and hair type. Laser hair removal can take anywhere from six to eight sessions for optimum results.

It’s time to throw away your razor and enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal. To request a consultation with one of our laser hair removal Dallas specialists, call us today at 214.252.7847 or feel free to use our contact form.