Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks affect millions of people and develop for a variety of reasons. But the main underlying cause is due to the skin stretching rapidly. When this happens, such as with pregnancy, rapid weight loss, weight gain or rapid growth in children, skin in the dermis is stretched to the point where the elasticity begins to break down and tiny tears occur in the epidermal layer. Stretch mark lines begin to form with red or purple discoloration and, as they heal, start to look like glossy white or silver streaks. The most commonly affected areas are the stomach, lower back, breasts, thighs, hips and arms.

Stretch Mark Removal Before

Stretch Mark Removal After

How does laser stretch mark removal work?

Many affected by these unsightly stretch marks have tried expensive stretch mark creams leaving them with little to no results. However, thanks to the breakthrough technology of cosmetic lasers, many clients are finally seeing success. Laser stretch mark removal involves fractional laser technology which works below the surface of the skin stimulating the collagen. By stimulating collagen growth, the skin’s texture and pigmentation become more even causing the stretch marks to look less noticeable. In order to receive the best results, multiple treatments are necessary.

Where’s the best place to go for stretch mark removal in Dallas?

NLI Med Spa Dallas, located inside The Shops at Bluffview, is the leading medical aesthetics training facility in the nation training physicians, nurses and aestheticians from all over the world in advanced medical aesthetic technologies including laser, IPL and cosmetic injectables. NLI has the experience and expertise to ensure safe and effective stretch mark treatments.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal Cost

Laser stretch mark removal is a very popular med spa treatment in Dallas. However, the high cost of multiple treatments can prevent many clients from taking advantage of this effective treatment. The average fractional laser treatment for stretch mark removal can run as much as $1000 per treatment. However, at the Dallas Med Spa, fractional laser treatments for stretch marks start as little as $150 per treatment. In addition to NLI’s quality, experience and affordable price, their collection of the best lasers and medical aesthetic technology on the market provides clients with the most advanced and effective treatments that can be found anywhere.

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