Med Spa Dallas Summer Treats

It’s that time of year again when the Dallas weather warms up and skin revealing clothes come out. For many people, shorts and swim suits are simply out of the question no matter how warm the weather. Those plagued with cellulite, spider veins, unwanted tattoos, unwanted hair or sagging skin can now take advantage of breakthrough non-invasive treatments aimed at improving your skin’s look and texture at an affordable price. Most treatments can be done on a lunch hour with no down time leaving clients ready to return to work immediately.

NLI Med Spa Dallas offers the latest skin care therapies at low prices giving Dallas residents the opportunity to reverse the signs of aging and bring out the beautiful new skin waiting to be revealed. The Dallas Med Spa offers a full complement of skin care treatments, performed in a luxury spa environment that can even work in conjunction with each other, such as:

Laser Hair Removal – starting at $50 per area per treatment
Spider Vein Reduction – starting at $75 for 20 minutes
Laser Tattoo Removal – starting at $50 depending on size and number
Laser Cellulite Reduction – starting at $125 per treatment area
Skin Tightening – starting at $75 per treatment area
Dermal Fillers – starting at $250 per syringe
BOTOX – starting at $7 per unit

NLI is the nation’s leading medical aesthetics educational facility in the country, training physicians and nurses from all over the world in advanced anti-aging technologies including laser, Intense Pulse Light and cosmetic injectables. They are able to offer the lowest possible treatment prices while maintaining a rigorous standard of excellence.

It’s time to stop being afraid of bathing suit season. Let our Dallas Med Spa get you ready for the summer and keep your new look all year long for a fraction of typical med spa retail prices. Contact a treatment specialist at 214.252.7847 or feel free to use our contact form.

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