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The medical spa industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry with more and more med spa consumers each year. This is a monster of an opportunity for anyone who wants to participate in this profitable industry. Unfortunately, this also attracts a wealth of scams, fly by night companies and fake businesses hoping to capitalize on this trendy industry.

Kim Kardashian loves it, the Doctors feature it and Rachel Ray talks about it. Med Spa treatments and Med Spa procedures are a mix of “medical” procedures used to enhance your appearance. Unlike traditional plastic surgery, medical spa treatments are much less invasive and require little to no down time (healing time). Med Spa procedures are also typically cost much less than traditional plastic surgeries.

As the demand grows everyday, so does the demand for education at med spa treatments. This attracts the scammers too.

It’s easy to scam someone over the internet nowadays, and more and more consumers are learning the hard way.

Whether the school is a phishing scam designed to steal your identity or whether the school is a farce that will leave you with no real experience, certification and an empty bank account; consumers need beware.

For now, National Laser Institute which happens to be one of the oldest Medical Spa schools in the country is combating this ever growing trend of scams by alerting as many consumers as possible. If you have stumbled across a website, spa, school or med spa related business that seems a bit fishy, please email with as much details and information as possible. Your privacy is guaranteed and will not be used, sold or given to any 3rd party agencies.

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